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We have been providing Boston and surrounding areas unique videos since 2006. Our approach to video production is different than other companies. We provide individual attention and very liberal times for shooting. A lot of companies have ridgid schedules for their productions and charge excessively for any overages that occur. We're not like that. We understand and know how to stay on schedule and within budget.

It's important to us that your video comes out the best that it can, and sometimes that takes a little extra time. When a potential client of yours watches your corporate video for example, do they know how long it took to shoot? Do they ask you what your budget was? Probably not. They just watch the video not worrying about those things. When we have some flexibility when shooting and editing, everyone is relaxed, and ultimately you'll get a better video. Like the saying we've all heard before "You only get one chance to make a first impression". Our clients appreciate our flexible approach, and we're confident you will too!

Over the years we have worked in a wide range of industries from hi-tech companies like Microsoft and ITT Corporation, to small local businesses like Shawn Pacheco Kickboxing. No matter the size of your company or budget range, we can work together! Our goal has always been to produce the very best videos we can!

We provide a wide range of Video Production services including Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Music Videos and Video Editing & Post Production . Guarino Productions is proud to offer High Definition (HD) video production for all of your projects, big or small.

We own all the cameras we shoot with so we are familiar with them and can get you the best possible picture.
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